ANSTHRLD - New Laurel... needed

Brent Ryder bryder at
Wed Apr 25 06:21:13 PDT 2001

>But on a more serious note, just for discussion as it were:
>if a viable Ansteorran were to apply for Laurel (or Pelican as part 
>of a team) who in kingdom would be willing to offer support and what 
>type of support would you be willing to offer?  Perhaps a listing of 
>potential minions (err, I mean helpers or staff) would encourage 
>someone who is considering applying.

I have considered applying for the position, but I do not have the space for the files.

My focus would be administration and I would be looking for at least two people to do the names and armory. I have a fair knowledge of Devices, but almost no info on names.

It's up to all of you. It means a three year commitment from all of us as the job cannot be done by one person anymore and Two are having a tough time of it as well.

Borek, Star

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