ANSTHRLD - New Laurel... needed

Teceangl tierna at
Thu Apr 26 17:56:03 PDT 2001

I have cats.  Cats who know how to send my email by leaping upon the
keyboard.  Blame this on Sinister, who's having a bad week anyway 'cause
I got him neutered yesterday.

> >> I'd be happy to support Modar, Teceangle, or ...
> > Gack!  I nearly killed myself with a banana chip just now.
> > I've been around, what....5 years tops?  Ye gads!
> > - Teceangl
> Ye gads indeed. I agree that in 5 years they ought to have learned how
> to spell your name.

Less than 5, actually.  I took office in November of '97 and was only really
playing four months before that - herald all the while, though.
> Daniel "what, that wasn't your complaint?" de Lincolia

Nobody can spell Teceangl, sometimes not even me.  I've given up complaining.
> P.S.  Tec, had any kingdom submissions offices, or kingdom heraldic
> offices in general?

Deputy to kingdom submissions (internal and external) for a year, commenter
at Laurel (which is a principal herald staff job) for just about a year now.
Other than that, just internal commenter since early '98 and shire herald
throughout my entire current SCA career.

So no kingdom-level offices, only been a herald for a bit over three years.
I'm just noisy, is all, so people think I'm high-profile.  :)

- Teceangl
In response to radio announcer with tangled tongue:
                  "He washed his mouth and can't do a thing with it."
						     - SJK  8-28-96  04:23
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