ANSTHRLD - Device Uh-oh

Kendall Johnson avalon at
Thu Apr 26 19:04:27 PDT 2001

Hello all,
I have a minor problem. A device from our shire for Daniel de Bourdon was
recently sent to Laurel.  The blazon sent to laurel was Per chevron vert
ermined or and sable, a horse rampant or. I am assuming that since it was
sent to laurel there were no know conflicts. However, the blazon that should
have been submitted is Per chevron vert ermined or and sable in a base a
horse rampant or.
How can we get this fixed? Also, does this blazon conflict? The submitter
was more concerned with getting the blazon passed than with which blazon
actually goes, but he would prefer the latter.

In service,
Wm. Rufus Guthrie

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