ANSTHRLD - On Laurel

Teceangl tierna at
Fri Apr 27 01:18:55 PDT 2001

> - <Armory> Sovereign of Arms: armory rulings.  "Clarion" used to be an
>   SCA King of Arms; for that reason I'd suggest absconding with that,
>   with apologies to Mistress Zenobia of An Tir, currently Clarion
>   Herald.  (If she wanted to take this job, I'd bow out at once.)

Dame Zenobia changed titles, but not jobs.  Same things to do, but her
new title is Batonvert.  (Clarion had local trouble and I think Dame Z 
is *entirely* too damned nice sometimes.)

If she wanted to be Laurel I'd go lick her shoes until she agreed to put me
to work.  :)

- Teceangl
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