ANSTHRLD - Teceangl for Laurel?!

Teceangl tierna at
Fri Apr 27 01:21:26 PDT 2001

> >Blame this on Sinister,...
> Is your other cat Dexter?

Yup, his brother.  Both Manx, now both fixed.  Less catfight scars on me.
> >Nobody can spell Teceangl, sometimes not even me.
> You know, I actually went back to one of your emails so I could 
> cross-check my spelling.  Missed that darn "e" on the end though. 
> Wasn't for lack of conscious effort.

There is no e on the end.
> >Oh, and for the record, the only reason I'm not Black Lion (An Tir submisisons

Lions Blood...  Lions Blood is submissions.  BL is principal, and I'm NOT
going to do that!

> Well now, I do believe that one of the things I was able to offer 
> when I first extracted this thread of discussion was a possible 
> storage location for one set of the files.  If someone else could 
> handle the other set (or are they stored in Milpitas now?), and you 
> could design a way to handle the office without having the files 
> "on-site" as it were, a whole generation of future Laurels would 
> likely canonize you.

I'm in Portland, Oregon.  That would be on hell of a commute.
- Teceangl
In response to radio announcer with tangled tongue:
                  "He washed his mouth and can't do a thing with it."
						     - SJK  8-28-96  04:23
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