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Fri Apr 27 09:38:09 PDT 2001

> Etienne / "Darin K. Herndon" <darin-herndon at>:
> > On that topic, anyone out there want to hypothesize on an
> > administrative process that would not require Laurel to have one
> > of the sets of files in close reach?

I answered this in my long note this morning.  Bruce, starting in
October 1992, required a second copy of the colored armory form.  The
registered ones have been put into binders.  All the files that had no
activity since 1987 were pulled and put into separate boxes.  They've
all been scanned and put on CDs.  (No, you can't have copies.  I tried
the instant I heard of them.  Copyright concerns.  Privacy concerns
too, I think -- I don't think they masked out addresses and such.)

So there are gaps: everything 1/88-9/92, and some stuff before that
(stuff that had activity both before 1987 and after, so they didn't
stay in the boxes to be scanned).

Scanning the forms that fall in the gaps would be a good project, but
all of them are in the main files.  Thinking about it for 10 seconds,
I think it's possible to write a program to go thru the Armorial
database and output all the names that have to have stuff scanned.
That would be a job for a side staffer, though.

Teceangl <tierna at>:
> 24-hour on-call ever-present files deputy to answer the phone/email
> and transcribe/read/email/fax whatever's needed on demand?

Oh, puh-leeze.

The only times you really want instant retrieval is during <Armory>'s
meeting days.  <George> (I've also read a suggestion of "Friday", as
in "Girl Friday"), however, should be reading while collating, and if
they see "visual comparison" or the like, should check whether
<Armory> should have it already, and if not, should pull it and scan
it and send it in the next batch to be mailed to <Armory>.

Da'ud's procedure while Laurel was that he read thru the collated
commentary in the week before the meeting, highlighting issues to
bring up at the meeting and making preliminary decisions on a lot of
them (hey, most armory gets no conflict or style calls).  <Armory>
should do that too, and should confirm that they have everything

If both fail, then <George> gets a call on the meeting day.  Maybe
<George> isn't available.  Or it's a road show: they're often at
events and thus usually have limited access to power, computer
hookups, or color fax machines.  (I assume that color fax machines
exist and are not exorbitantly expensive.  It's a disquieting
reflection on the pace of technological change that I have no idea
whether it's possible to instantly send printed color pictures across
the country.)

So if *that* fails too, <Armory> may have to pend it for a month.
That happens more than once a year, <Armory> and <George> have to
figure out how to prevent it happening again.

Da'ud did get a fair number of phone calls and e-mails of
miscellaneous types, requiring pulling files and looking.  I don't
know the reasons for various pullings, but any former kingdom
submissions herald should be able to tell us.  While it's convenient
for all concerned if Laurel / the staffer being contacted can walk the
portable phone over to the file cabinents, pull the file, and read off
the info (no concerns about "I'll get back to you on it"), it's not

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