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Fri Apr 27 13:24:28 PDT 2001

> Gyronny of eight from dexter fess point sable and gules.

I don't think we do the "dexter fess point" style of location, or
"nombril point", "honor point", and such.  I think "from dexter
chief", "from base", "from chief", and those sorts of things are the

You'd have to document period usage of a gyronny centered on "dexter
fess point".

"Of eight" is default for gyronny.

Instaboing.  Read the contrast rules under RfS VIII.2.  If the field
has four or fewer divisions under certain conditions depending on the
field division, it may be able to avoid contrast questions.  For more
than four divisions, they must have "good contrast", which boils down
to "no metal and metal, no color and color".

Since it's simple and involves gules, you might be able to find enough
similar period examples for a "Documented Exceptions" case ... but the
"from dexter fess point" would hurt your case in a major way, and it's
only been done successfully twice in 6 years, I think.

Probable conflict with Campbell of Argyll ... have to go look up the
exact blazon ... "Gyronny Or and sable".  A slight shift in the
position of the center is unlikely to be a CD, so there'd be just one
CD for change of tincture of half the field.

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