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Tadhg <tadhg at> wrote:
> I found a couple of recent exceptions...I tend to ignore the older
> ones as reasonable examples.
>Barony of Dragonsspine (Outlands/1991):
>Or, four gyrons conjoined at the fess point azure surmounted by a
>wingless dragon dormant purpure, and in base a laurel wreath vert.
>F?am?r Bek (Atenveldt/1996):
>Per fess sable and gyronny from the fess point argent and vert, a
>cross alis?e fitchy Or.

The dangers of extrapolation.  Each of these boil down to the effect
of "Per fess, one-half half-gyronny, the other half plain, ...".  (At
least I think that's what the Dragonsspine blazon is trying to say.
Yup: see
Not the best blazon, but it's not the best emblazon either.)  Neither
is support for anything other than that.

> And five examples of Gyronny, sable and gules since 1985...which
> probably means a change to the RfS in the 1990's.

Note that another five or so start "Gyronny gules and sable".
However, note that none of them date from later than 1988.  The "New
Rules", the current set (before relatively minor amendments), came
into effect in May 1990.  That's when RfS VIII.2 barred such

> How about: Gyronny of four from dexter fess point sable and gules?

We don't use "Gyronny of four".  It's either "Per saltire" or

I could argue that "(Per saltire|Quarterly) from dexter fess point" is
neither "per saltire" or "quarterly", and therefore still falls under
the prohibition of RfS VIII.2.

Regardless, you have still not demonstrated the period use or SCA use
of a field division issuant from "dexter fess point".

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