ANSTHRLD - irish vs scott galic name constructions

Kathleen O'Brien kobrien at
Mon Apr 30 13:43:51 PDT 2001

>I have a friend who wants a scots Gaelic name, however the form that he
>has chosen is
>name mc  name o' name
>i believe it would be correct to construct an irish gaelic name with
>name mac name o' name
>Putting aside all genitives and lenitions that may be required ( I will
>deal with those later)
>did scotts use this form?
>isn't mc scott and o' irish?

Both used <mac> to mean son.  But only Irish Gaelic really used <ua> (which
became O/).

For a good summary of Gaelic bynames, see:

A good starting point for period names is at:

>From there, you and/or the submitter can surf what information is available
for different cultures.  (And the list of available articles keeps growing!)

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