ANSTHRLD - Submission help...this is too easy.

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Thanks, Teceangl.

I was referring to the CA on scribal arts...but nothing corresponded
to it in the Ordinary.

Anyone else see any conflicts?

Tadhg, Nordsteorra

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> I need some help. I have a lady who would like the following:
> 	Tierced in pale, vert, Or, and sable, an oak tree proper
> 	eradicated and fructed.
> I'm having a devil of a time finding ANYTHING that comes close...or
> am I missing something?

The SCA doesn't used "tierced in pale".

Per pale vert and sable, on a pale Or an oak tree eradicated and fructed

Unless the tree isn't entirely on the Or part, then you have a fatal style
flaw for having an overall charge breaking the Rule of Tincture.

I see no conflicts to the blazon I supplied above.

- Teceangl
        The (Fieldless) is a convention which says "no, we didn't
	forget a field tincture here, there isn't any, so sod off".
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