ANSTHRLD - Dilemma on OP/lack of scroll

Deborah Sweet/soc/cas/Okstate dssweet at
Thu Feb 8 12:15:04 PST 2001

Good afternoon all,

     In addition to being Retiarius, I'm also the local deputy OP herald.
So I was checking up on the entries for my people and, of course,
discovered problems. But the biggest one (so far) is this:

Alaric von Thorn was awarded a Sable Falcon on 1-29-2000 by (then) HRM
Alaric Drake at the Mongol 2K event in Vatavia, Calontir. It was a spur of
the moment award, so no scroll was given.

What needs to be done to get a scroll?
What needs to be done to get this in the OP (or does it need to wait until
we've got a scroll)?

Thanks for your replies,

Estrill, Retiarius

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