ANSTHRLD - Dilemma on OP/lack of scroll

Darius and Monica dmmerlick at
Fri Feb 9 09:34:32 PST 2001

THis also often applies to comunications. AMny questions are asked often but if we
don't have something to look at in the files it may slip through the cracks.


"Timothy A. McDaniel" wrote:

> I should note also one of the mottos of the College of Arms:
> "non scriptum, non est".  If it's not in writing, it doesn't exist.
> The other motto is "Semper litteris mandate", Always get it in writing.
> Whatever proof you CAN assemble -- eyewitness testimony, for
> instance -- get it written and signed before memories fade
> ("was it Steppes Waterlord?  No, it was the year before ... wait ...")
> DdL
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