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Subject: KWHS 2001 Needs Submissions!

The Knowne World Heraldic Symposium 2001 still needs 
submissions for the Proceedings!

Please forward this message to your regional, local, 
and commenting heralds.... 

Guenievre, co-Event Steward

2001 Known World Heraldic Symposium Proceedings 
Submission Guidelines

The Proceedings book of the Known World Heraldic 
Symposium collects articles and papers related to the 
study of Heraldry within the SCA, as well as notes and
outlines from those gentles teaching courses at the 
Symposium. The Proceedings will be available for 
purchase at the event, and a limited number of extra
copies will be printed for sale by the [office 
of…] afterward. An index of past topics in the 
Proceedings is available at

The Symposium explores all five branches of the 
heraldic arts—Armory, Onamastics (naming), Field& 
Court Heraldry and Protocol, Calligraphy, and 
Illumination—and the contents of the Proceedings 
reflect the diverse aspects of the field. Researchers 
are encouraged to submit short or longer articles, 
annotated bibliographies, practical and theoretical 
guides, checklists, glossaries, and other research on 
appropriate topics, as well as artwork and cover 
submissions. Cover submissions may be in color, but 
clip art, illustrations, and other interior artwork 
should be black and white. Past volumes have also 
included many humorous poems, songs, and cartoons, and 
such will be most heartily welcomed!

There are no restrictions on time period, culture, or 
scope of submitted articles, except that they relate to 
the study of heraldry in the SCA. Articles may focus on 
very specific times or places or pull back for the 
wider cultural or chronological picture; both the range 
of the SCA period and these Current Middle Ages are 
open to discussion.

If you intend to submit your work for the Proceedings, 
please send a brief notice of interest to the 
Proceedings Coordinator as soon as possible.  Contact
information is listed below. Please list your mundane 
and SCA names, contact information (address, telephone, 
email), and a short description of your proposed work 
(topic, type of article, length if possible).

Final confirmations for articles are due by APRIL 1ST, 

As you complete your paper, please attend to the basic 
courtesies of research publication. Write carefully and 
concisely, and be sure to proofread for spelling and 
grammar. Above all, cite your references honestly and 
thoroughly. A good bibliography is often as useful as 
the article itself. Guidelines for academic citations 
can be found online and in the Chicago Manual of Style, 
as well as in many other writers’ references. 
Please contact the Proceedings Coordinator if you have 
any questions. We reserve the right to reject any
submission that fails to adhere to standard authorship 

The final submission deadline is APRIL 15th, 2001. 
Submissions will be accepted via U.S. Mail and 
electronically in both PC and Macintosh formats.

Electronic Submissions
The file format of choice is Microsoft Word. If you 
wish to submit your paper in a format other than 
MSWord, please save it as a Text Only file. If you wish 
to ensure that formatting within your text—font 
sizes, italics, boldface, etc.—remains intact, 
please send a hard copy of the article, formatted as
you choose. A hard copy would also be beneficial to 
ensure proper placement of illustrations, charts, and 
tables. Artwork may be submitted as .jpg, .gif, or
PICT files, but hard copies would be appreciated.

If you would like to request the return of your 
manuscript or artwork, include a self-addressed, 
stamped envelope with adequate return postage. 
Submissions without a SASE will be recycled, so please 
do not submit the only copy of your work unless it is 
absolutely necessary.

Finally, if you have any questions regarding the 
preparation and submission of your paper, please 
contact the Proceedings Coordinator at the address 

The SCA is built upon the curiosity and hard work of 
dedicated scholars.  Share your knowledge with the 
Known World!

Lady Caoilfhionn inghen Cheallaigh
m.k.a. Kellie Hultgren
732 Polk St. NE #9
Minneapolis, MN 55413
(612) 623-0137 before 10pm Central
keelin at

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