ANSTHRLD - Warning: Asterisk's tote at large Kathri at
Wed Feb 14 07:59:58 PST 2001

I have recently been told that the plastic tote used by the Asterisk Herald 
has sneaked away, possibly at Crown Tournament at Brad Leah, but possibly at 
some other time.

This is a dark green molded plastic tote about a foot square.  It has a 
storage tray on top and is painted with yellow splats (meant to be asterisks 
but there was no heraldic artist available at the time). <grin>  Heaven only 
knows what's inside it.  

This tote has been known to repel other items (not to mention people) so it 
may be sitting all by itself in an isolated area.  It is safe to handle, at 
least for brief periods, but if you have it or see it, please notify:

Kathri, ex-Asterisk -- kathri at

(My apologies for the repetition to those who also get Ansteorra-Announce.)
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