ANSTHRLD - Submission Status?

Kathleen O'Brien kobrien at
Thu Feb 15 17:56:31 PST 2001

>> Does anyone know the status of the submission from Julianna Vertue.
>> Her device was blazoned :


>Would help to track is a date, even approximate, is submission were given.
>I'd bet you the blazon was changed, but I don't make sucker bets.  :)

Actually, as long as you know the name, submissions from Jan 1993 through
(whenever Daniel updated it last) are available at the submissions index at:

The entry for Juliana Vertue reads:

Juliana Vertue. (Elfsea)
     ILoI 4/98 15.
     Kingdom accepted 6/98 (AG 7/98).
     Laurel registered 10/98.

Since no device is mentioned, it looks like it never made it to an ILoI or
it made it since Daniel last updated the index.  I did a search on the
directory I have of LoIs I did as Bordure (Jan '99 through Sep 2000) and
found no match to <Juliana Vertue>.  No sign of it in any of the ILoIs I
received electronically during my tenure either.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

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