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Teceangl tierna at
Fri Feb 16 21:33:39 PST 2001

>        There are two devices on the page.  The one with the narrow pale is 
> his prefered device, I suggested that the wider pale would be better 
> heraldry.  He would like comment on both.  He is concerned that it be good 
> heraldry.   

The one on the right is probably unregisterable, as the pale is so slender
it's more of a "shazam" lightning bolt, which have been banned since 1984.
The one on the left still has very deep indentations on the pale, but as
no other charges are present, this is probably not that much of a problem
and should be registerable.

>        What is the correct blazon for this, and does anyone find a conflict 
> for this?  

Azure, a pale dancetty and on a chief argent two eagles striking respectant

The naturalness of the eagles is both unfortunate from an heraldic standpoint
and helpful for blazoning the birds as eagles.  Striking is not a posture in
which eagles were depicted in period heraldry, so one needs to be VERY careful
to preserve the details which make an eagle an eagle when it is in any posture
other than its default of displayed.
(In fact, in period armory, a bird displayed was an eagle.  If it wasn't
displayed, it wasn't an eagle.)
Now, there've been an awful lot of silhouettes submitted lately, and the CoA
has made noises against accepting them in some cases.  So if you can get him
to put internal detailing into those birds, please do.  Period heraldry used
drawn depictions of the objects used as charges and outlines with no internal
details is a step away from period style.  Add to that they're eagles in a
non-heraldic posture and it might cause this submission problems.

I've checked it for conflict and found nothing to worry about.  I think with
a fix to the style problem mentioned above this should be registerable with
no problem.

- Teceangl
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