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The answer is lines 6-11.

Thanks, Daniel.


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> Is ermine considered "neutral" or "metal"?

Use the source, Luke.  The RfS covers it:

VIII.2.  Armorial Contrast - All armory must have sufficient contrast
 to allow each element of the design to be clearly identifiable at a

 Each tincture used in Society armory may be depicted in a variety of
 shades.  Therefore, contrast is not determined by the lightness or
 darkness of the tinctures on the submitted emblazon, but by the
 traditional heraldic categorization of tinctures as colors and
 metals.  The colors are azure, gules, purpure, sable, and vert (blue,
 red, purple, black, and green).  Ermined furs or field treatments on
 a background of one of these tinctures are treated as colors for
 contrast in the Society.  The metals are argent and Or (white or
 silver, and yellow or gold).  Ermined furs or field treatments on a
 background of one of those tinctures are treated as metals for
 contrast in the Society.  Furs equally divided of light and dark
 pieces, such as vair, are classed with other evenly divided elements,
 such as paly, per bend, or lozengy.

So the answer is ...?

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