ANSTHRLD - More sophomore heraldry

Ron Knight rknight at
Tue Feb 20 05:50:54 PST 2001

Greetings from Modar!

Magnus wrote:

>> A visual test at 10 feet with a color copy of the device
>> will usually give away the contrast problem to even
>> non heralds.  If a charge vanishes into the background 
>> and become unidentifiable then you have problems.

Good advice.
However...may I ask.....what size is the device that one
should view from 10 feet away?

The reason I bring this point up....I recent was asked to
arbitrate a discussion between a couple of heralds on
this very point.  One was using a device the size it is on
the submissions forms.  Another was using a device that
would fit on a 3"X5" notecard.  It makes quite a difference
when using this test.  <grin>

So we need to be sure people are not just looking at things
from the correct distance, but with a "standardized" size


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