ANSTHRLD - Name Documentation - Mikhail Kettering

Ansteorran Kingdom Star Principal Herald herald at
Tue Feb 20 19:12:09 PST 2001

Howdy all

I am with a submittor who has tried for the name 
Mikhail Kettenring, and been shot down for lack of 

If anyone can find documentation for this or something 
close he would appreciate it.

Barring that he would like to try for Michael of the 
Fray. He is a member of the SCA group called 'The Fray' 
and has permission from the group for using the 
locative. The problem is that the name is not 
registered with the SCA and I do not know enough about 
names to know if this is possible. I have my doubts, 
but it never hurts to ask.

Let me know what you all can find out.

Borek, Star
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