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Teceangl tierna at
Wed Feb 21 05:17:34 PST 2001

> I am with a submittor who has tried for the name 
> Mikhail Kettenring, and been shot down for lack of 
> documentation.
> If anyone can find documentation for this or something 
> close he would appreciate it.

Mikhail immediately tweaks my "Russia!" nodes.
I've found Kettenring as a modern surname.  It seems German...  Ja!
Purportedly means "chain link".  Info found on a website, as the only
Bahlow I have is the personal names book.  Unfortunately, genealogical
sites are notoriously unreliable.  However, I did find a 16th century
birth date on one of them.  This bodes well for perhaps finding the name
in a decent source, such as Bahlow or Morlet.  (Who has Bahlow?)

Okay, so following the German angle, I find the name Michahel dated to
1315 in "Medieval German Given Names from Silesia" at

I don't have Bahlow.  But I'd be surprised if you cannot document Kettenring
from it.

- Teceangl
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