ANSTHRLD - Give me patience..

Ray Smith rayasmith at
Thu Feb 22 20:23:37 PST 2001

--- Kathleen O'Brien <kobrien at> wrote:
> <excerpt>
>   How about Job voided?
> Cyniric
> </excerpt>
> Well, when I had my job voided in '92, it didn't
> give me patience.  It
> gave me LOTS of stress & panic actually...
> Mari
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Interesting.  When I hit "Reply" it showed the message
in the RTF format.  I did not know that.
I was going to say that, with my new computer, I'm
actually able to read these messages in the RTF
format; I wasn't able to do so before at the library
or sneaking glances at work.  Just thought I'd mention


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