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Teceangl tierna at
Fri Feb 23 16:22:22 PST 2001

> > Sebastian was the one with the arrows, I think.
> (snip)
> >  Stephen was stoned, the first Christian martyr.
> Whatever you say.  Baptists don't get taught about saints early enough for it 
> to take.  Everything I know about them, I learned in the SCA -- and you can 
> see where *that* gets me!

Catholic Encyclopedia online:

I only knew about Sebastian because my lord huband wanted a "trendy" SCA
name and the Cult of Saint Sebastian took off two years before his persona
was born, hence my husband now being Herr Sebastian Sterne.

- Teceangl
        The (Fieldless) is a convention which says "no, we didn't 
	forget a field tincture here, there isn't any, so sod off".
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