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Brent Ryder passed along:

> Sibri de Aldebourne
> "Sibri" --  Found as a feminine given name in "A Dictionary of English Surnames", a paper written and published at the Known World Heraldic Symposium (1994) by P.H. Reaney.  This compilation can be found at " "   It is attributed to 1276.

The s.n. in R&W is Seaber. 
"<Seburga> filia Oseberti, 1222. William <Sibry> c1227; Alan <Sibri>
1276; John <Seber> 1279; John <Seburuh> 1279; John <Sabourgh> 1327;
William <Seburgh>, Margaret <Sebrow> 1327. OE <Saeburh (f) 'sea
fortress', of which only one earlier example has been noted...11th C.
Teh early <Sibry> forms may have been influenced by OE <Sigburgh>
'victory-fortress', an early OE woman's name found in place-names, but
not known to have survived the Conquest..."

I'm probably waaaaaay off base here but the feminine name that I read in
that entry is <Seburga>. To me it seems that <Sibri>, etc. are by-names,
but I, a hearld of four years do *not* want say that Talan, an expert,
is wrong.
> "de Aldebourne"  --  Found as a surname in "English Names from Pre-1600's Brass >Inscriptions", a compilation of names at " > ".  This was produced by >Julian Goodwyn (Janell K. Lovelace).  This surname is attributed to 1380, Oxfordshire >England.

I couldn't find spelling above in R&W, but they have the surname is
listed as Alborne, Alborne, Alburne:de Aleburn' 1177; Alburne 1187;
Alebourne 1332. From Albourne, Sussex. Ekwall has the place-name
Aldbourne: Ealdincburnan c 970; Aldeborne DB; Aldiburna 1182. 'The
stream of Ealda's people.' In Wiltshire. 

If the Sibri works, it a nice name.
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