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Here you are Borek.

1. Robert-Withycombe:OE Hreodbeorht was reinforced at the time of the
Norman Conquest by French Robert from the cognate OG Hrodebert, a
compound of hrothi 'fame' and berhta'bright'. It occurs frequesntly in
DB, and has been a favourite evere since...
Rodbert(us), Rotbert(us), Robert(us), 1071-5, DB 1086
Robertus 1186-1220, 1273
Robin, 1200, 1205, 1210, 1276
Robyn, 15th C
Robard, 1507

2. Michael- Withycombe:Hebrew 'Who is like the Lord?' The name of one of
the archangels, the leader of the heavenly host, and hence the patron of
the christian warrior. St. Michael and All the Angles is one of the
commonest church dedications...and the name was a favourite from the
12th C onwards...
Michael, 1196-1215, 1218, 1303, 1346
Micahel, 1279
Mikael, 1279
Michell, 1439, 13th C
Mihill, 1549
Mighell 1598
Myghchaell 1533

3. McPharlan-R&W s.n. MacFarlan, et al
Mcpharlane c1385
MacPharlan 'Son of Parlan, OIr Partholon (Bartholomew)

>From Black s.n. MacFarlan: MacPharlain 'Son of Parlan, OIr Partholon
Malcolm Mcpharlane c1385. 1395 had a Duncan filius Malcolm Makfarlane.
Andrew M'Farlane in 1577. Others listed Makfarland and Makferlande 1546,
M'Farlen 1603, Makferlan 1529, McFerlane 1612, MacPharheline 1610. 
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