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Andrea Hicks maridonna at
Tue Jan 2 13:59:28 PST 2001

Suzanne Powell wrote:
> Angus de Botha
> The gentleman in question has a late Scots persona.  His mundane last name is
> Booth and information from other family members has it that the original clan
> name was de Botha (don't know how correct that is).  Angus has been a family
> nickname.
> Would this be a viable name for a late Scots persona?

Angus - Black, s.n. Angus....The first of the name recorded in Scotland
was Angus, one of the three sons of Eochaidh, who took possession of
Isla and Jura. The name of the Pictish king, Onnust filius Urgust who
died in c. 761, is the same...Angus, son of Somerled c. 1150, Angus mac
Dunec'...1204-1211. Anggues 1558. 

Booth-Black, s.n. Booth. Of local origin from a residence at a booth
(ME. bothe, a hut of temporary shelter). The surname is found in several
parts of Scotland. the ship of Walter de La Bothe, a merchant of
Aberdene, was plundered at sea by the English near Yarmouth in 1273,
Chrisiane 'atte bothe' of Berewyk in 1296, Andreas de Botha in Dundee in
1381, Nicholas de Botha in Dundee in 1381, William de Botha witness

By end of period 'de' had been dropped from most by-names as inherited
had become fixed surnames.

Bothe- Hitching and Hitching, s.n. Bothe listed in the 1602 index. Bothe
from Rochdale, Lancashire.

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