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Wed Jan 3 06:02:38 PST 2001

In a message dated 1/2/2001 5:04:42 PM Central Standard Time, 
suzanne_powell at writes:

> I understand about the position itself as its own
>  recognition, but Queen's Champion has a registered badge and scroll text.  
> Why  not King's Champion as well?

>  P.S.  The same kind of question goes for "Premier Artisan".  

[remembering the Asterisk files and grinning all the way:]   WHAT??? You want 
*consistancy*?  In **Ansteorra**?  Amongst the ***Kingdom Heraldry***??  

Sheesh, Suzanne, I thought we'd taught you better than that.  Wanta come over 
to my place January 10 for a reality check and heraldic commentary?  

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