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Hey, Kathri...send one my way. I can pass that on to my branch heralds.

Tadhg, Nordsteorra

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Thanks for the compliment, Maridonna, but Modar's webpage is probably a
better resource for William Rufus.  Modar covers consulting at a local
 Mari and Friends (aka Gwenllian and Kathri) just handed out a list of tips
and suggestions for Large Consulting Gables, like at a war or major event.

However, in hopes that it will help, I'm sending an electronic copy of our
handout to William.  If anyone else would like to have one, just let me


PS. It's a Word97 document, but I save it to some other filetypes (text,
HTML, WordPerfect 5.0 or 5.x for Windows.)

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