ANSTHRLD - double checking a blazon

Timothy A. McDaniel tmcd at
Sat Jan 13 16:29:43 PST 2001

Tec wrote:
> But your blazon was just fine.

Well, in standard usage a pile (or pile inverted) reaches almost but
not quite to the edge of the shield -- close enough that you can't
put a charge there, but far enough that you can easily see a gap.
This I would blazon "a pile inverted throughout Or".

To back up the illegal call, note this precedent, among many others:

    [Per fess embattled azure and sable, a cat sejant affronty] This
    is being returned for having an overlying charge across a low
    contrast field with a complex line of division. (Jaelle of Armida,
    LoAR October 1997, p. 14)

Daniel "that is, it's a call for it being illegal; the call itself
is not illegal; I don't know what the illegality is named;
the tune's my own invention" de Lincolia
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