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Tue Jan 16 18:22:50 PST 2001

Dear friend,

To Save up to 70% on Your Long Distance Calls,
Use Prepaid Phone Cards.

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Rates for calling from US: 

    US domestic:	  3.9 cents/min 
    China:		 13.4 c/min
      Beijing, Shanghai:  9.9 c/min
    HongKong: 		  4.9 c/min
    Macao:		 28   c/min
    Taipei:		  6.6 c/min
    Australia:		  9   c/min
    Brazil:		 22   c/min
    Chile:		 14   c/min
    France:		  9   c/min 
    Germany:		  9   c/min 
    Indonesia:		 12   c/min
    Israel:		 13   c/min
    Japan:		  8.7 c/min
    Malaysia:		 12   c/min
    New Zealand:	 10   c/min
    Philippines:	 17   c/min
    South Korea:	  8.7 c/min 
    Singapore:		 10   c/min
    Thailand:		 27   c/min
    United Kingdom:	  5.6 c/min

Visit my website for complete information.

    Toll Free Access
    No connection fee  
    Get PIN online instantly.


Tracy Chen

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