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> The name is Zacarria Inez de Bolzan and
>  she
>  said she submitted it at Gulf War.

Yes, she did.  Her name and device were in ILoI0004.  Her name was forwarded 
to Laurel as Zecharia Ines Balzan on LoI0006, which was considered by Laurel 
in October.  However, Laurel is behind on issuing the Letters of Acceptance 
and Return that give us the results.  We got the September letter the first 
of January, 2001, so October is next.  Join the rest of us in waiting with 
bated breath.  The Ansteorran results will probably be posted to the list as 
soon as they are available.  (I'd do it myself, but Mari usually beats me to 

Zecharia's device, "Gules, a peacock displayed Or" was returned in kingdom in 
June of 2000 for multiple conflicts, including:

Barony of One Thousand Eyes, "(Fieldless) A peacock in his pride head to 
sinister Or."  There's a CD for the fieldless/field difference, but the way 
the head is facing is insufficient for the second necessary CD.  

Emperor of Constantinople, "Gules, a double-headed eagle Or". There's 
probably a CD for type for very different-looking birds, but not X.2 
substantial difference of type (birds are birds for that rule). And there's 
no second CD.

There are other peacocks in their pride out there; the submitter needs to be 
careful with her resubmission.

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