ANSTHRLD - Conflict check--axe

Teceangl tierna at
Fri Jan 19 19:52:52 PST 2001

> Vert an axe palewise reversed proper and a chief erminois.

Axes default to palewise, so you can omit that.
Remembering that an axe proper is argent with a brown haft, you might want
to counsel the client about the fact the haft will positively disappear
against that field.  Would s/he consider going with a totally argent axe?

For either a proper or argent axe, I don't find conflict.

Clear of Matthew Law of Aberdeen - June of 1999 (via the East): Vert, a 
double-bitted axe argent, a Bourchier knot interlaced about the shaft Or.

I've seen this emblazon - the knot is large enough to be co-primary, giving
one CD for number of primary charges and another for addition of the chief.
Still, with that blazon, it'll have to go to Laurel for a visual check.

If the client keeps the chief, there shouldn't be conflict problems.

- Teceangl
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