ANSTHRLD - Yell at People and Not Have Them Get Mad at You

Tall Txn talltxn31 at
Wed Jan 24 14:29:29 PST 2001

Thats right....I have the chance of a lifetime here in my little hands. For 
a limted time only, You, that's right, You, can yell at people and not have 
them get mad at you.... Frustrated at Life? Mad at your Boss?? Well come to 
me and *I* will give you the best stress relief potion this side of....well 
never mind, this is a family channel after all...(s).
Come one, come all, Yell at people and rid yourself of the stresses of your 
life. This offer is a limited one, only open this week. This wonderful offer 
of a lifetime will only be offered until the end of this week. So run, don't 
walk to your phone or computer and take me up on this offer.....we have 
openings for about 5 people at this time. This once in a lifetime offer to 
herald the List Field for Queens Champion Tourney, will not come around 
again.....(or for at least 6 months).

Please send your name and pertinent information to the following to take 
advantage of this offer.

Ihone MacEogan
Obelisk at
Texduo at

Again, this offer will expire hurry.

p.s. thanks grandmother.....(she knows who she is)

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