ANSTHRLD - conflict checking swans

Jennifer Smith jds at
Wed Jan 24 20:04:30 PST 2001

On 25 Jan 01, at 3:09, doug bell wrote:
> Is the swan naiant (swimming)?  That should get a CD from other
> birds for posture.  Normally I wait until the submittor has
> a completed design before conflict checking to reduce the
> amount of looking.   All birds displayed don't get any CDs
> from each other for type or posture.

It's looking like it'll be rising (rousant?).

> The first and easiest check is to do a blazon search
> for swan with sort by blazon on.  Swans are usually
> naiant or rising.

Yeah; so far I think it's clear of all other rising/rousant swans I've checked, 
since I'm trying hard to stick to a single charge (whee!) with possibly a field 
division of some sort.  He likes red and green, with a white swan.  I'll come 
up with a few variations and check those before presenting them to him.


Jennifer Smith
jds at
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