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Samuel Moon lord_housemythos at
Wed Jan 24 08:43:43 PST 2001

Greetings to all!

     Just had a quick comment/question re: something that I have been 
wondering about.  I had noticed that Atlantia's heraldic titles were rank 
specific, rather than position specific.  In other words, in Atlantia, if 
you hold the rank of Pursuivant and you take over a certain position, you 
are <position> Pursuivant.  If you were ranked a Herald in the same 
instance, you would be <position> Herald.  At least that is the way it seems 
to me.
     In Ansteorra, you are accorded the rank of your position.  I am a 
Herald (at least I assume myself to be) because I hold the office of 
Bordure, whereas someone who is a Baronial herald is <name derived from 
Baronial service award> Pursuivant.
      I wonder which is the better way to do things, and that kind of leads 
to my question.  Have we ever done it the Atlantian way in Ansteorra?  It 
seems the Atlantian way encourages a "career" interest, so to speak in 
heraldry, IMHO.  I know that if Star wills it so, he can give <name> Herald 
position to ex-Stars for service, but there are a lot of people (non 
ex-Stars) who have been slogging it out in the CoH for a while, and if they 
are not holding an office, the best title they can expect is Pursuivant 
Extraordinary, which is essentially the same that Iam Newbie can get for 
attending a Herald's class and taking the open book test.
     Seems a nice gesture would be to award long-standing and hard working 
heralds in this Kingdom a "permanent" rank of Pursuivant, with the 
opportunity to register a name with the CoA, so that they can be known as 
<name> Pursuivant.  I can think of about 4 worthy individuals off the top of 
my head.
     I would appreciate any insight that the members of the College might 
have on this topic.  I think it might encourage more interest in heraldry 
and the CoH, and that would be a good thing.

Just a thought---
Griffin, Bordure
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