ANSTHRLD - Old submission (from 1995) query (& conflict check)

Timothy A. McDaniel tmcd at
Sun Jan 28 22:29:32 PST 2001

Griffin, current Bordure,
> Bordure copy says:  15 August July [scratched out] 1995 on it.

Which is what my copy has, because the Bordure copy is from the
predecessor of your predecessor.

> PS-By the way, thanks to the hard work of Baroness Kathri, the
> Bordure office now has a complete set of Ansteorran Gazettes!

Well, not to be *jealous* or anything, but the aforesaid Bordure[-2]
supplied the office with most all from 1994 on, which you can note
from the "Protective Mailing Cover".  Kathri, however, gave many older
ones, and, of course, *wrote* the better part of the later ones.

I just wanna know to sweettalk Kathri out of all of them.  She refused
to send *me* anything before #15 because she said that they were too
old to be interesting.  I guess she just *likes* you more than she
likes *me*.  Or maybe *I'm* too old to be interesting.

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