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Mon Jan 29 06:24:15 PST 2001

lord_housemythos at writes:

> PS-By the way, thanks to the hard work of Baroness Kathri, the Bordure 
>  office now has a complete set of Ansteorran Gazettes!

And thanks to Lord Griffins sense of fair play, so do I! 

And tmcd at writes:

>  I just wanna know to sweettalk Kathri out of all of them.  She refused
>  to send *me* anything before #15 because she said that they were too
>  old to be interesting.  

I thought you said they were too *odd* to be *filed* -- they were on legal 
sized paper folded to 7x8.5 pages, and an exact copy didn't fit into your 
3-ring binders.  I probably said they were "old enough to be dangerous" which 
still fits but could also be applied to several of us.

> Or maybe *I'm* too old to be interesting.

Never.  You may be a headache but you're never a bore.  Well, hardly ever.
>  Daniel (*sniffle* not that I'm JEALOUS *sob* *wail*) de Lincolia

OK, OK, anything to stop that noise -- I'll bring/send you a copy for 
Candlemas, Daniel. (Long explanation below signature.) 


(As it happens, I already had them made.  In 1999 I had a job that provided 
free copying and plenty of boring down time in which to use it.  Which I did, 
transferring Gazettes #1 - #17 to 8.5x11 pages.  The print size is the same 
as the original; I just plopped the pages down more-or-less on the center of 
the copier's glass and hit "Start," which leaves plenty of margin for poking 
3 holes.  *And* I remembered that you wanted a copy, Daniel, and made one for 
you.  *However* the stack of copies got buried in the archeological paper 
piles produced during the time I was Asterisk.  *But* I just found and sorted 
that stack this month, so you can have yours now.)  
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