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Mon Jan 29 16:58:03 PST 2001

I encourage people to register for KWHS as soon as possible.  It gives
them more time to prepare stuff for the attendees (e.g., proceedings),
and the poor event stewards and bursar get a sinking feeling if they
think nobody is coming.  It's certainly important to make a hotel
reservation, because the SCA rate goes away after 2 May.

    From: Etienne de Clermont <sbbush at>
    Subject: Knowe World Heraldic Symposium
    Date: 29 Jan 2001 13:30:22 -0600
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The Barony of Nordskogen presents
June 1-3, 2001, 9am-9pm all days

DoubleTree Hotel Minneapolis Airport at the Mall*
7901 - 24th Ave S, Bloomington, MN 55425    (952) 851-6325

For up-to-date information, visit

Site fee: $20, Saturday Dinner at Hotel: $30.  Checks to: SCA-Barony of
Nordskogen; send to Bursar.

*Hotel reservations are the responsibility of attendees.
Call the local number directly to obtain the special event rate, and
be sure to mention the code "SCA"!  $79 (single/double) per night rate
valid thru 5/2/01.  Site is discreetly damp. Free shuttle service
to/from Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

Classes for ALL LEVELS, including special "Beginner Level" classes!
There's a pool at the hotel!
Hands-on Calligraphy classes!
Classes on Field Heraldry!
Hands-on Illumination classes!
Learn from SCA-wide teachers, not the same ol' faces!
Heraldic Jeopardy & Heraldic Trivial Pursuit! (*silliness warning*)
Classes on Naming!
Special trip to the Hill Monastic Library!
Classes on Book Heraldry!
Shopping right next door at the Mall of America!

WANTED: Teachers and Submissions !!
Share your knowledge!
Class Coordinator:
THL Moraig Ann Drummond
(Sarah Fowlston, 3436 Minnehaha Ave S Minneapolis, MN  55406
612/721-0128, sfowlsto at

Send us your articles and/or research!
Proceedings Coordinator:
Lady Caolfhionn ingen Cheallaigh ui Mordha
(Kellie Hultgren, 732 Polk St. NE #9 Minneapolis, MN 55413
(612) 623-0137 before 10pm CST keelin at 

Bursar: Ld. Etienne de Clermont (Steve Bush, 2851 Vernon Ave S,
St. Louis Park, MN 55416, 952/929-0200, sbbush at

Event Steward (Site): Guenievre du Dragon Vert, CP (Jennifer Dark,
4903 Camden Ave N, Mpls, MN 55430, 612/529-7061, grnjenny at

Event Steward (Heraldic): THL Richard Morgan of Cumberland (Richard
Darnell, 763/561-7646, rickandjean at
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