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Mon Jan 29 23:01:23 PST 2001

On Tue, 30 Jan 2001 Fitzmorgan at wrote:
> My name has passed long ago ( thanks Ettiene )
> Angus MacKnochard
>  My name and device were submitted before Keivn Was Herald. The last
> I news I had was it had passed kingdom and that was a year ago.

The records I have for the name and device are:

    Angus MacNokard
    branch Northkeep
    iloi 1/97 4
    ka 3/97 (AG 4/97)
    la 7/97

(that is, it was item 4 on ILoI 1/97, passed kingdom 3/97 as shown in
Gazette 4/97, registered by Laurel 7/97)

    Angus MacNokard
    branch Northkeep
    iloi 1/97 4
    kr 3/97 (AG 4/97)

(submitted with the name, returned by kingdom the same time as the
name went up).

You can get at my index of Ansteorran heraldic submissions via the Web
page, somewhere under  (Caveat

The AG text is

    Azure, a winged tankard argent.

    Device: returned for unidentifiability of the winged tankard.  The
    wings obscure the handle, making it difficult to distinguish the
    tankard from other rectangular charges.  The submitter is advised
    to resubmit the device with the wings displayed as is the usual
    period practice for winged inanimate objects.

A couple of people cited Sigmund the Wingfooted (6/81 via Ansteorra),
"Azure, a winged boot couped between two scarpes argent."  "Depending
on the way the winged boot is drawn, the scarpes may be the only real

If the client is interested in armory authentic to his persona, I
would not advise winged random objects.  There are a number of
examples in German armory (but especially crests) of sticking wings on
other things, but I don't associate it with Scotland at all.  Also,
putting wings on random things is on Tadhg Liath's SCA cliche list,
though fortunately it's far less common now than in years past.

It's not clear to me whether he's talking about a resubmission since
then.  "It had passed kingdom and that was a year ago": the one above
was well before a year ago, and it did not pass.  My last update to my
index of heraldic submissions was the 6/00 ILoI, but that's now 7
months ago, less than the year he stated.  I have just now gotten my
home computer Debian installation up to my satisfaction, and work for
the moment lets me get home at a reasonable hour, so I may be able to

Perronnelle, can you please check your own tracking index?

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