ANSTHRLD - Old Submission Query

Brent Ryder bryder at
Wed Jan 31 05:56:24 PST 2001

>Should the local Herald recieve a notice of a return?

Generally not unless Arbalest has chosen to ask them to contact the submitter and help them with a resub. Arbalest is supposed to contact the submitter and inform them of the return and offer assistance with a resubmission. The assistance can be anything from working on it themselves to asking someone local to the submitter to follow up on it.

>I ask because of the  several Northkeep submissions that were returned >but I never heard about it untill I ran into Magnus at Steppes 12th night and >asked him about it.  He then sent me the status of those submissions.  >When I discussed it with the submitters at Populace meeting last night none >of them had heard anything about it.

Unfortunately, the Arbalest office has been behind for sometime. The office is currently open and seeking applicants.

Borek, Star

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