ANSTHRLD - irish vs scott galic name constructions

R Husted rhusted at
Tue May 1 05:03:58 PDT 2001

Kathleen O'Brien wrote:

> Both used <mac> to mean son.  But only Irish Gaelic really used <ua> (which
> became O/).

thanks. but did the scottish use Mc? or is that a post period development of
the language? would a name submitted as McCongail be changed to mac Congail? He
really wants the former, but I know I can talk him around if necessary.

Two wars ago you showed me a list of acceptable Gaelic naming forms that we
used to fix my name after it bounced at laurel. (Thank you!) Do you have any
idea what I am talking about, and is it available somewhere?

Medb ingen Domnaill ui Somhairle

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