ANSTHRLD - name and badge help

Darius and Monica dmmerlick at
Tue May 1 08:18:59 PDT 2001

Greetings to all good heralds!

Her Highness has ask that I pose a query to the list that she ask the
discussion of remain within the college. In the next reign a new award
will be instated that will be given by the queens hand. After several
preambulations we have come up with the name "Order of the Queens Ring".
What we need is help with documentation of the name construction and
ideas of a bagde to go with it. Unfortunately where I can think of some
pretty spiff names my skills of researching onomastics is , well
something lacking. We would like to get this put down and in submission
ASAP so any help is most welcome.

My Idea for a badge is "Sable a rose Or within a bordure Argent" the
Bordure as an artistic let to a silver ring

Any way

I remain in service
HL Darius of the Bells, CIM

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