ANSTHRLD - name and badge help

Darius and Monica dmmerlick at
Tue May 1 09:06:12 PDT 2001

The award will be non-armigerous, and as to the purpose of the award... Well Her
Highness is actually lurking some were on this list I believe so I will leave
that to her.


Griffin ap Rhys wrote:

> Milord Darius,
>      What is the purpose of this award (IE, why is it given)?  Also, what
> level will it be (with a Queen's Glove)?  The first I ask because that may
> help me come up with a device that is fitting (and I need it for the
> submission forms).  The second because I am just curious.
>      I am sending the next Letter of Intent around the 10th of the month, so
> we can fast track it to that if we get everything taken care of.
> Griffin, Asterisk
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