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Were you the person I was exchanging email with last year?  

If so, I have the docs assembled for <Tir Meadhoin> 'middle land' that we
discussed last year.  Just let me know where I should mail them to.

To summarize, I could find no evidence that 'heart' was used in any form in
place names in Ireland in period.  My understanding was that your group
wanted this name to represent that they were in the middle of the kingdom,
so 'middle land' was as close as we could come.

The post-1200 spelling would be
     Tir Meadhoin
I don't know what the period Anglicized forms would be, but I can try
looking them up if you are interested.  My best guess would be <Tirmaine>
(pronounced "teer MAY-n"> or <Tirmaan> (pronounced "TEER mah-ahn").  I
think the second is close to the pronunciation of the Gaelic form as well,
but I can check around if you like.

Hope this helps,

(CC'ing this to the list so folks can chime in with other suggestions if
they know of other options.)

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>> Thanks for helping....
>> We thought that Cridhe na Tyr meant "Heart of land";
>> But apparently, we can not find where we originally
>> saw this.  So I have a
>> "Teach Yourself Gaelic" and I found this:
>> cridhe (m)-heart
>> de (lenites) - of
>> an - the
>> talamh (f) - land, earth
>> We basically want our group name to be "Heart of
>> Land".
>> Could you help me with this?  We are way past our
>> time in getting this
>> submitted.  I have the form, but need consultation
>> first.
>> Thanks....Meghann MacGuire

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