[Heralds] German/Norse name for Destiny

GeekGrrl geekgrrl at geekgrrl.org
Thu May 3 21:28:57 PDT 2001

On Thu, 3 May 2001, Jodi McMaster wrote:

> Richard Culver wrote:
> >    Yes we are, but people in the SCA need to realize, and I mean more so the
> > unstudied, the elder people were much more metaphorical.  So the
> > translations are literal to the extent they represent really solid cultural
> > metaphors.
> Excuse me?  I hope you aren't trying to imply that Sunnifa and her
> sources were representing "unstudied" opinions.

I do not think that such was the implication at all, and did not take it
as such. :)


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