[Heralds] Yet another name question

Andrea Hicks maridonna at worldnet.att.net
Fri May 4 06:18:57 PDT 2001

Jodi McMaster wrote:

> Is it Norse? No.  Does <Odin Silverwulf> look like a passable name?
> Probably.  Does it make me twitch?  Like Clousseau's boss.
> AElfwyn


I've been trying to keep up with the discussion, but forgive me if I
missed something.

Geirr-Bassi lists the by-name red fox, rau[th]refr. The Old Norse Name,
page 26. As much as I dislike suggesting it, it could be used as an

Since Odin is right out, could other Od- given names be suggested? GB
has Oddi, Oddkell, Oddleifr, Oddmar, Oddr, Oddvakr, The Old Norse Name,
page 13
Andrea / Maridonna

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