[Heralds] Yet another name question

Richard Culver rbculver at hotmail.com
Fri May 4 07:00:34 PDT 2001

>Since Odin can be documented to a human name in period, I would have to
>accept it,

   The only two known Odin names known within period (I am assuming Viking
750-1100) are Odindis (f) and Odinhaur/-kaur.  Any usage of Odin as a
personal name would have been have beyond that time.  Even Thor was not used
as such until after the period.

no matter how much it personally makes me twitch. :) However,
>'Silverwolf' is not an appropriate byname for a Viking Age
>construction. Bynames are patronymic, and in rare instances,
>matronymic. Even individuals with nicknames had the patronymic element,
>though it may have been omitted in time as they became more well-known as,
>say, Eirik the Red, then Eirik what's-his-name's-son. Silverwolf does not
>sound plausible as a nickname element. I find:

   I would agree he should pick a patronym then just have Silverwolf as an
unoffical nickname among friends.

   Again I would personally suggest he also drop the wish for Odin.  But
this is just my opinion which I am not sure carries much weight. :)


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