[Heralds] German/Norse name for Destiny

Jodi McMaster jodimc at texas.net
Fri May 4 11:37:31 PDT 2001

"C. L. Ward" wrote:
> Hi, folks.  Gunnora here - just joined the list.
> Ælfwyn said:
> >We can certainly tell you the etymological roots of most
> >names, but it's a mistake to think that they would have
> >had any significance to the people who used those names
> >in the Middle Ages.
> I think you're overstating by a lot.

Note: I was quoting the Academy of S.Gabriel--that's the consensus
opinion of the crowd there.

AElfwyn, who will occasionally argue about stuff but does defer to folks
who've researched it for ca. 20 years.
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