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Fri May 4 14:12:38 PDT 2001

"C. L. Ward" wrote:

> The god is closely tied to the various animals that are associated with
> death and battle, the wolf, the raven, and the eagle.  Little silver spear
> amulets are found all across the Germanic world, and are usually thought by
> modern scholars to be tokens of Óðinn

Hmm. If that's so, wouldn't Odin Silverwolf run afoul of the
Presumptuous Names rule, VI.2 or VI.3:

2. Names Claiming Powers - Names containing elements that allude to
powers that the submitter does not possess are considered presumptuous.
Society names may not claim divine descent, superhuman abilities, or
other powers that the submitter does not actually possess. Such claims
include divine patronymics, like Vulcanson; epithets peculiarly
associated with divinities or superhuman beings, such as of the
Valkyrie; given names that were never used by humans, like the names of
some Giants or Dwarves in Norse mythology; or descriptive epithets like

3. Names Claiming Specific Relationships - Names that unmistakably imply
identity with or close relationship to a protected person or literary
character will generally not be registered. Explicit claims to descend
from a particular person, such as Edwin fitzWilliam Marshall or Rhys ap
Cariadoc of the Bow will not be registered. (The latter could be
registered with a letter of permission from Cariadoc of the Bow.)
However, since there are many people named William and Cariadoc, Edwin
fitzWilliam or Rhys ap Cariadoc would not conflict by themselves. In
some cases a unique name, surname, or epithet is so closely related to
an individual that its use alone can imply relationship to that
individual. There is
only one family that uses the name Baggins of Bag End, so Joan Baggins
of Bag End would not be appropriate.

The name <Odin> alone might not be enough, since there's evidence real
people carried the name as well, but a byname that evokes the attributes
associated with Odin?  Sounds like it *could* be a problem.

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