[Heralds] Submissions Index

Griffin ap Rhys lord_housemythos at hotmail.com
Sun May 13 06:56:27 PDT 2001

>Thank you, Griffin!

Just doing my job.  ;)  I am hoping that at some point you and I can link up
our indices, (drive a golden spike, perhaps?) although mine is really too
small to be known as an index.  We might call it "Daniel's Index and the
Griffin Codicil."

>In an idle hour or two, I started entering more data into my database.
>I found that I had AGs for only Jan-July, September, and October 2000,
>and nothing since.  (I was subscribed for 2000, and I gave money
>to someone (who, I don't recall, but it wasn't Obelisk, I think)
>for a 2001 subscription.)  Have there been AGs since?

I am afraid we have had some problems on the Gazette front.  Obelisk has had
some life emergencies that has delayed production.  I am not sure when the
last gazette to come out was, but I do not believe we have had any for 2001.
  And I was the person you gave the money to, so yes you are subscribed for
2001 (for what it is worth).  You can assume that your subscription would
run for a year past the first one you get.

>Daniel de Lincolia

In service,
Lord Griffin ap Rhys
Asterisk Herald
Kingdom of Ansteorra

"The griffin is the king of all the creatures.  Whilst the lion is the king
of the beasts and the eagle is the king of the birds, the griffin that bears
a combination of the best attributes of both these magnificent creatures,
like a good claret, is better than the sum of its constituent parts."
---Stephen Oliver, An Introduction to Heraldry

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