[Heralds] Checking on a device

Griffin ap Rhys lord_housemythos at hotmail.com
Mon May 14 10:48:15 PDT 2001

It was returned by Laurel-January 2001:

William Killian. Device. Azure, in canton a mullet of four points, a bordure

Conflict with Ariel of Alon, Azure, two compass stars argent and a sword
argent, hilted gules, winged Or, a bordure argent. As neither a compass star
nor a mullet of four points are period charges, and they differ only by the
addition of the lesser points, there is not a CD between a mullet of four
points and a compass star. There is also not a CD for arrangement on the
field, because William's mullet occupies the same space as one of Ariel's
compass stars. Therefore there is only a single CD for changing the number
of primary charges.

Griffin, Asterisk

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